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Post One

The First Ever Stargate Kink Meme!

What is a kink meme? The name is something of a misnomer, but it goes something like this: You request a pairing (typically, unless you're like me who's fine with just about ANYONE) and a prompt/kink, all anonymously, and someone else (maybe more than one someone else!) will fill that request, also anonymously.

Fun way to get fic, fun way to find fic to write, and good if you're embarrassed to post! Fun for all! Or not - the kiddies might be best kept away from this particular meme.

On that note, please keep in mind that this is called a kink meme, thus expect that while the rules are pretty easy-going, and Gen & non-explicit fic are welcome here, adult and explicit requests will be made. If you're uncomfortable with that or considered underage in your neck of the world woods, perhaps this isn't the place for you. :)

RULES found here.

And now, without further ado, post requests and responses in the comments to this post!



Welcome all to the Stargate Kink Meme! I'm glad you all could join us - I'm sg_kink_anon, your friendly mod and I'll be your tourguide on this particular jump through the 'Gate.

If you're new to kink meme-ing, I recommend checking out the quick blurb at the top of the main post(-s if we're lucky!) as well as this post where I'll be keep all the rules centralized.


+ Respect is not optional. Just because someone's kink isn't yours doesn't make it wrong or stupid and every kink is welcome here.
+ A pairing/character and a prompt/kink must be posted.
+ One pairing/prompt per post.
+ We are friendly to slash, femslash, het, gen, threesome, moresome, and rpf.
+ All incarnations of the SG Universe are welcome here including the movies.
+ No pairing bashing! Should it be done and seen by a mod, it will be deleted without warning.
+ Long fics, short fics, tidbits - all are welcome here! And if you find an already filled response you would like to answer as well, please do!
+ You are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.

Keep an eye on this post for any rules that may be added as time goes on.



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